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The Funniest People in My House

I started a blog this year because someone told me they can be published.  I’m not the best at keeping a journal.  I have notes throughout the house, I’ve started journals different times over the years in different notebooks and I have entries on my computer.  But, I thought this would be the best place to keep everything together for my kids — pictures, events, memories, and even some of the funny or sweet things they’ve said.  So, I’m digging through drawers finding old quotes that I’ve jotted down, and I’ll be adding to this post as I find memories I’ve scattered about.  The dates will be scattered about as well.


Sarah did not want to go to Mimi’s tonight.  I told Sarah to tell her why when she came to pick them up.  Sarah told mom, “You know when you’ve been somewhere a lot and you don’t want to go because you’ve been there so much…” Mom said, (kidding) “I don’t understand.”  Abby said, “She’s not coming.”  –Perfect example of their personalities. Sarah trying to break it gently without hurting feelings while Abby is cutting to the chase.


We were watching Underdog tonight, and they said “butt.”  Sarah said, “Ooh, they said the ‘b’ word.” A few minutes later, they said stupid, and Abby said, “Ooh, they said the ‘b’ word.”


Sarah’s tummy has been hurting in the morning.  I told her mine and Chris’s has been hurting too, and it’s probably drainage.  She said, “maybe it’s morning sickness.”

Sarah’s words ’06

cazebo for gazebo

carchoal for charcoal

Abby’s words ’06

clowns for clouds



I tried to get Sarah to try on some pants at Old Navy and she said, “No, they’re too sixy.” She wouldn’t tell me where she heard it, but I think she got it confused with turning six yesterday.  She was prissy one night, and said again, “I don’t know why I’m being so sixy.” I asked what that means, and she said, “You know, how you act when you turn six.”


Last night, Sarah came in the den and said she had something important to tell us.  Before we went to bed, we went to her room.  She said she asked Jesus into her heart and asked if she could be baptized Sunday.  We asked her some questions.  She said she was telling Abby about going to heaven.  She prayed for Abby to go to heaven then asked Jesus into her heart.  She said, “when I finished, I was like ‘okay’ why did I just do that.”  She said she wants a clean heart.  She wants to be baptized.  Her face was glowing, and she was smiling and so excited.  She said her heart felt “kindof different.”

Abby said she didn’t want to go to heaven.  She wants to stay home.  Sarah told her heaven is like going home.  She said it’s like vacation but you get to stay forever.


Abby — “Daddy, I think my booty just threw up.”

Cooper — “I’m done, Suzanne.”  (on the potty)

Abby — “Why do we have to put on clean underwear?  We always have to do that!”


Cooper just said that God will send a text to his heart.  Guess he knows those are two important things in our house.


Sarah was telling me about a competition at school today and about the ribbons everyone received.  She said blue was first place, red was second place, white was third place, and yellow meant “horrible.”  — “honorable”


I was telling the kids this morning about Whitney being in Iraq and how we are going to send him a Christmas card since he has to be away from his family.  Abby said, “How did he get in a rock?”

We read about Eutychus in Acts this morning.  Sarah called him Uterus.
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