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We Encourage Child Labor

The Acuff kids work.  There isn’t a chore chart (although we’ve tried them before).  There isn’t a pay chart (although they are sometimes compensated monetarily).  There is no schedule or consistency to which they work (although they are usually expected to do something daily).  

There are many reasons we expect our kids to work:  

1. It’s good for them to learn good work ethic.  It’s necessary for life and functioning in this world.  Don’t believe me?  Read Proverbs.

2. They are a part of this family.  We want them to have a sense of belonging.  They live in this house and belong to this family.  Everyone participates in other family events, and we feel it’s important for our kids to take ownership of their rooms, and home, therefore, reaching outward into other areas.

3.  We want to teach them to serve the Body of Christ.  Sarah has placed her faith in Christ.  We pray Abby and Cooper will do the same.  In being a part of the Body of Christ, our children will be a part of a larger family.  Hopefully, in learning to work in their biological family, they will learn to work in their spiritual family.  It is our goal for them to learn to serve and carry one another’s burdens in the Body because they have learned “belonging” and ownership in our immediate family.  We also offer them opportunities to serve with our church when we can.

4.  We want them to serve their community.  Sometimes our kids only want to clean up their own personal messes.  We try to encourage cleaning up the house as a whole and picking up each other’s things.  The reason is because we’re trying to teach them to be responsible not only for themselves but for others.  When others are working, it’s good to step in and help if possible.

Our kids have certainly changed the face of work for me and made it much more enjoyable.  I love serving them and serving with them. They are creative in their efforts and (usually) joyous in their approach.

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