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How My Christian Community Fits Into My 1/2 Bath

Since we moved into our home about 4 1/2 years ago, our half bath has been in desperate need of renovation.  I started by stripping wallpaper.  We took out a peach sink with a brass faucet, put a toilet on the street that was gone in no time, and Chris began patching the walls.  Once the prep work was done, we called in serious help for a little space:

1.  Jon ~ Let’s start with Jon who let us borrow the steamer

2.  Ryan ~ Found and delivered our pedestal sink at his discounted price (offering to pay for it himself, nonetheless, wanting it to be his contribution to our renovation)

3.  Kari ~ Chose the paint color because she always has an eye.  Our boys played basketball while we talked.

4.  Lisa ~ Came to help take up a few pieces of tile just because I mentioned a bathroom renovation.  Lisa and I have only had casual conversation at our daughters’ school, but through some time over tile had in depth conversation over how God is working in our families.

5.  Cody ~ A new Christ-follower from my old small group put down the new tile (with Cooper, my 4 year old at his side the whole time.  Cody taught and instructed him through the whole process).

6.  Kelly ~ Came when I was doubting my paint color and told me to hang in and keep painting to see how it would turn out

7.  Dad ~ My dad spent many hours helping with plumbing, installing the sink, toilet and new electrical outlets.  Who knew toilets came in different sizes!

8.  Karen ~ Let me know about a special on canvasses so I could order one to put on the wall

9.  Beth ~ Made an incredible frame to put the canvas on, but we sat and talked for hours while she came to work.

You people can’t do anything on your own.  This may be what you’re thinking.  And, you would be exactly right.  We can’t and don’t want to do anything on our own.  It is our goal to have others involved in what we’re doing – in the good and the bad.  We are utterly dependent on others.  We need our Christian community in tedious day to day tasks just like we do in our deepest valleys.  Chris and I could have muscled our way through a lot of this on our own or paid someone to do it, but every time I glance into that room, I remember the way my community has served our family.  There are a lot of people in that little space.


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