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Do Not Envy Me/Facebook Envy

Recently, I heard someone mention the words “Facebook” and “envy” together, and I laughed, but over time, past conversations came flooding into my mind, and I realized there may be some truth to what they were saying.  Then, I found this article:

Facebook is the perfect place to wear a perfect mask.  It is a place for people to pretend they have it all together.  Typically, when Chris and I are meeting with a couple whose marriage is in trouble, they are the ones professing their love to each other openly on Facebook.  When someone passes a test, they announce it on Facebook.  Do you know that many of those people may have failed that very same test twice before they finally passed?  How many proclaim the amount of weight they have lost on Facebook?  Maybe I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen anyone post a 20lb weight gain (unless its their baby who just went to the doctor – guess what? no one cares).  Someone once told me how photogenic I am (based on my Facebook pictures).  My response, You know I choose the pictures I put up, right?  Did you think I would choose this one for my profile picture?

I also have a friend who thinks my house is always clean.  Kelly, these are for you…

Trash from my floor and sofa on a good day

In all seriousness, I recently heard of a mother in town who lost her one year old baby.  She had to remove herself from Facebook because it was too much to see all of the “perfect” lives.  She thought she was the only one struggling with tragedy.  The truth is, we are all struggling.  Are we willing to let people see the truth of who we are? (Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying Facebook is the appropriate avenue to share our struggles).  Do we confess our sins to one another as Scripture commands?  When we’re harsh with our children, do others know?  Do others know when our marriage is failing?  Do we let people in when our house is dirty?  Will we humble ourselves and let others help when we’re falling apart?

We can always find someone “better” than we are or “worse” than we are by human standards, but our goal is never to compare ourselves to others (by looking at Facebook or anywhere else).  We compare ourselves to the Author and Perfecter of our faith.  For, it is in comparing ourselves to perfection that we see our need for a Savior.


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