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Diet Psych Out

Diet Psych Out: Why ‘Health’ Food Is Less Satisfying, Even If It’s Sinful

One of my kids asked me the other day why foods with more calories tastes better.  We honestly haven’t been “in a good place” lately with our eating habits.  I was holding out for summer to get us back on track.  I’m not sure if other mothers feel the same way, but a busy schedule makes healthy eating difficult.  So, I told her it’s a matter of acquired taste (in so many words)  and that we need to get back to enjoying healthy over junk food. 

So, apparently, it’s not just a matter of taste.  According to this article, if we believe something is more fattening, we’ll even be more satisfied?  I’m not sure I’m buying it. 

I have a new recipe for kale chips that I’m going to try today with my kids.  I’ll be sure to post pictures as well as their review.

Is health food less satisfying to you? 


For lunch, we made kale chips.  I got the recipe from hungry-girl who is now on Food Network on Sunday mornings.  I dropped the oven to about 300 degrees because the kale was turning brown.  The crispier and saltier, the better.  You can find 9 health benefits of kale here.  My kids weigh-in on the recipe:

 Coop:  “It’s okay.”

 Sarah:  “That’s good.  Really good.  I’m going to take another one.”

Abby:  “Good.  I like it.”

In response to the above article:  Is health food less satisfying?  I obviously can’t make a blanket statement, but my kids didn’t ask for more lunch.

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