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Specifically Simplicity / OneWord2011

I am eager for God to create in my heart an anthem of simplicity — to cut out the clogging and bondage of duplicity.

Yesterday, I expressed a need for simplicity in my life.  Clutter often gets in the way of what I feel God is calling me to, but I would like to be more specific about what that looks like for me.

1.  Keeping our family schedule whittled down to few activities.  When we are running around non-stop, there is little room for work, quiet, study, meditation or time to focus on Gospel-centeredness and Kingdom efforts.

2.  Trying to keep consumption at a minimum.  What I’ve learned is the more we have, the more we have to keep up with.  It’s bondage.  Not freedom. Simplicity means not having too much in our possession but also sharing what we have.

“Covetousness we call ambition.

Hoarding we call prudence.

Greed we call industry.”

Richard Foster

Simplicity comes down to time and money in my life.  The above are my desires.  They are not my accomplishments.  I fail at them daily.  I hope to look back at the end and believe my time and money have been well spent. So far, I’m not anywhere near satisfied.

What clutter is clogging your path?  What are you doing to simplify your life?


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