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See For Yourself

“God designed us to live in community, first with him and then with one another. According to the Bible, personal change is a community project.  In fact, it is in the process of change that we really begin to see our need for one another.”  Paul Tripp

Too many times, we do not see our need for others.  Honestly, I don’t think I started living in community because I was humble enough to see my need.  I think I started because I believed others when they said enough times You have to be with others to grow.  I took their word for it, although cautiously, and had to see for myself.  I have to agree with Tripp: Once the heart is transformed in community, we see our need. Maybe we don’t see our need because we haven’t taken that first step into real community.

Others see in us what we can’t see in ourselves.  Other believers provide grace, direction, and encouragement at just the right time.  In seeing these things for myself and finding community to be an agent for change, no time soon do I want to step out of the safety of community – not until I’m in the safety of eternity.

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