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Do You Promise?

Mom, do you promise?  To which I usually respond, “I don’t make promises.”

The end of our summer break is drawing near, and we are continuing with few of the things we started.  The beds are no longer being made daily.  The one hour reading program is sporadic at best.  Daily Bible reading has turned into every-other-day Bible reading.  Rest time has completely dissolved.  Consistency is not my strong suit.  That is the reason I hesitate to make promises.  If I promise to read a book to my children before bed, I am sure to get a phone call, and on it goes…

Being human, I am sure to disappoint my children (and everyone else in my life).  There is one thing I do promise my kids:  God keeps His promises.  It’s not a cop-out to free myself of obligation.  It’s truth.

Kevin DeYoung says, “The Christian life starts with the promises of God. He makes claims about himself and gives us promises. Then, having trusted in those promises, we respond in faith and obedience to God’s commands. But it starts with the promises of God.”  You can read the rest of his blog post here.

Point the people in your life to God.  He does not fail.  He does not disappoint.  He is the only one who has ever kept all of His promises.

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