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Seek the Forgotten

Do you know when the mountain goats give birth?
Do you observe the calving of the does? Job 39:1

There is not one who is forgotten in the sight of the Lord.  He sees all.  He knows our needs, but sometimes we feel forgotten.  Sometimes, we are forgotten.  Not by God, but by others.

Many are homebound and staring at an apartment wall daily.  There are the homeless, forgotten. overlooked.  Some are in our lives daily, but we don’t notice.  lonely.  Maybe it’s you.  isolated.  How can we know?  Open our eyes.  look.  ask.  seek.  pray for compassion.  step out of our comfort zone.

I have a new friend.  He sits in his apartment most hours of the day while his wife works. He’s been on a transplant list for a very long time.  Forgotten.  A friend with great compassion in his heart found him.  He encouraged many of us to step out in love.  Out of comfort.  God’s eyes were never removed.  He was always watching.  Never forgetting.

Do you need to seek out the forgotten?  God sees them.  When we are about His work, we’ll see them, too.

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