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More Than Words

Words are not enough to ensure a certain course of action will not take place.  Steps have to be taken.  Chris and I, in meeting with couples planning to get married, preach this over and over.  Many express their desire to take some of what their parents had to offer and leave some behind.  Some of what they choose to leave behind is lack of communication, infidelity, harsh discipline or abuse, divorce, passivity, lack of passion in their relationships with Christ and a lack of forgiveness.

One friend has continued to share his story to engaged couples saying, “My dad had multiple affairs.  I swore I would never be my dad.  I will not be my dad.  I will not be my dad.  I woke up one morning, and said, ‘S**t, I’m my dad.'”  We cannot will ourselves into goodness.  That’s why this friend fell into the same pattern.  He was seeking his own will and not the will of the Father.

So, what steps have to be taken to change the course of action?  They may be different for everyone, but more than the goal of behavior, the goal is a believing heart.  Are you trusting your own will for change?  The work has already been done on the cross.  Believe and take action.

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  1. Great post….”the work has already been done on the cross” Amen to that. It starts with that belief and trust in God. Believing that He has already gone before us and finished the work allows us to transform our will into His will. I believe.

    August 11, 2011

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