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personality or godliness

do you find that other christians just look better than you?

submit better?

are gentler?


endure better?

one of our favorite things to do is compare ourselves to others.  we say things like i wish i was like so-n-so.  she/he is so good at…  i used to and still do get caught in this trap, but we have to realize that things aren’t always what they seem.  sometimes, we mistake personality for godliness or obedience.  here are a few examples:  passivity can be mistaken for submission, gentle and quiet can be mistaken for a gentle and quiet spirit, polite can be mistaken for kind, pressing down emotions can be mistaken for endurance.

on the contrary, sometimes godliness and obedience can look like personality flaws.  jesus has been criticized for being passive, as have those with a gentle and quiet spirit.  love is kind, but in a world of skeptics, we just wonder if people are being polite. those who endure are sometimes accused of not dealing properly with the hardships they are facing.

just as a personality is no excuse to be harsh, critical or judging toward others (as god has shown me), it also does not offer salvation in the way of being “favorable.”  meaning, a personality may have been born looking godly, but a heart still has to be born again.

so, is it personality or obedience you are seeing in another?  let god be the judge.  but, for yourself, be clear.

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  1. Tara Lewis #

    This is so true. I was born with a quiet personality, but until my heart was changed by Christ, it was just my personality and that could have easily been interpreted by others as having a gentle and quiet spirit.

    August 31, 2011

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