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Getting Creative With Kids

As parents, we are constantly looking for ways to point our children to Christ, peering into their complex little minds to find a trigger that will spark interest.  Or, on a good day, just getting 30 seconds of eye contact and a nod.  That will do.

There are people who have such a way with children.  Those who know just what to say.  How to make them laugh and meet them at their age.  Those who can spend countless hours listening to their made-up stories and watching their performances and plays — that have no meaning.  I AM NOT THAT PERSON!

Which is why it is a constant struggle for me to get the above two paragraphs to intertwine.  I want my children to know and love Christ, but I don’t “get” kids!

What’s a parent to do?

1.  Try everything.

There are so many resources available, but mostly, the Creator of all things, has made us creative.  Tap into it.  We have challenged our kids anywhere from making a nativity scene out of whatever they could find in the house to memorizing catechism cards.  We’ve read through The Jesus Storybook Bible and The Book of Acts.  We’ve sung hours of Silly Songs with Larry and pulled out an old Baptist Hymnal to learn songs they may never hear.

2.  Follow Their Lead.

Kids are not afraid to tell you their likes and dislikes, what bores them and what interests them.  But, if you watch them play, you can incorporate teaching into their play time, and you never have to ask.  Those skits that go on forever with no purpose will suddenly have purpose.  Just let a little boy turn over a table and turn cords into whips…  Here is one example of Chris cooperating with our girls several years ago as an angel bringing good tidings of great joy.  Chris, I am so sorry.

3.  Talk With Them.

Be prepared to discuss a topic over your next meal, bringing them into conversation with you.  Lately, we’ve been asking what certain words mean — such as trust, hope, love — they have to define without using that word in the definition.  We give the foundational truth behind the word, like “God can always be trusted.” Then, we ask questions like who do you trust?  This seems very simple, but it has created great discussion among us.

Many of you have much more to offer.  Please feel free to share what you know with those of us who are struggling to be creative.  We will take all the help we can get if you will drop your wisdom in the comments below!

Happy Discipling!

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  1. I love your nativity scene! Now, that’s creative. I struggle with this too, Suzanne. My son has such a great imagination and sometimes his storytelling can go on and on and on. It’s a challenge for me stay tuned in. Thank you for the motivation to look for moments of learning and teaching in these situations.

    September 28, 2011
    • Thanks, Eileen. Staying tuned in is my challenge, too. You’re very creative, so I’m sure you have come up with some good ideas.

      September 28, 2011
  2. Great advice, Suzanne. Silly Songs with Larry is my personal favorite!

    September 28, 2011

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