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I Am Right Here

When my kids have been inconsolable at night, I have often embraced them and offered the words “I am right here.”  A couple of years back, I was surprised and a little let down that my words and presence weren’t enough.  One of my children began to ask for more — promises I couldn’t keep, comforts I couldn’t offer.  I was hurt that I was not enough.  But, I was not willing to make promises I couldn’t keep, such as I promise no one will break into our house tonight or I promise you are safe sleeping by the window.

As I was growing frustrated with her irrational (and possibly, rational) fears that night, it occurred to me that my children must be equipped to call on the One who is eternally here.  The One who can keep his promises.  The One who can offer comfort.  I realized that in saying, “I am right here,” I am only offering a temporal fix, if that.  But, in saying, “God is here. With you,” my children can become aware of the power and presence of the Almighty.  They will be equipped in my absence.

“He will not leave you or forsake you.” and “I will be with you.” is one of the greatest promises in all of scripture.  (Deuteronomy 31)  Sometimes, like my child, we don’t believe those words are enough, but His presence is sufficient.  And, sometimes, we want to plead for more promises. Promise me health! Promise me wealth!  He doesn’t do that either.  He gives us more – Himself!

I believe there is a different peace about my children in recognizing the presence of God over mine.  I certainly feel more secure in offering them promises, I know, He will keep.

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