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Embrace Simplicity

This was the challenge from Alece Ronzino at the beginning of the year:

One little word can make a big difference.

No resolutions.

No list of goals.

Just one word.

And a commitment to focus on your word all year long.

Let it shape you, guide your decisions, and help you grow. And you’ll discover the big impact one word can make.

My OneWord – Simplicity.

The Christian walk is purely simple and altogether complex.

Shallow enough for a child and bottomless for a theologian.

Grace is bare, yet we could never pull back all the layers.

My desire has been to simplify — consumptionthe family schedule

Not just for the sake of elimination.

For the sake of seeing and hearing the people at my table

for who they really are.

For the  sake of seeing and hearing Christ

for who He really is.

We miss the truth when we neglect simplicity.

We have to remove clutter to enjoy the simple in life and the complex in life.

I’ve received more by having less.

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