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Obedience is Expansive

Most of us can think of a time we have been affected by someone’s disobedience.

This season, I have been reminded of the beauty of obedience.

When our brothers and sisters in Christ are obedient to his call, it doesn’t just affect them.  

It affects all of us.

Our friends, The Goforths, stepped out in obedience, moving into an area of discomfort, for them and their kids.  Because they live among need, they have been able to intercede on their neighbors’ behalf and express to our church body where we can help.

Our joy, because of their obedience, is being able to serve the people they love.  And, their joy, comes in seeing provision for their neighbors.

When I think of times I have chosen disobedience, I recall the grief, anger and sadness I brought to others. My decisions didn’t just burden me.  They were far-reaching.  They will continue to be when I choose disobedience in the future.

Now, I look at my friends and see joy, encouragement, opportunity, vision, challenge and laughter.

Obedience is expansive.  

Their decision didn’t just fall on them.

It was made for all of us.

And, we’re grateful.


Can you think of someone whose obedience you have benefited from?

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