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Lord, please

So, it’s the end of the year, and I wish I had a brilliant conclusion, a top ten, an inspiring word to kick you into the first of the year, but I don’t.  Usually, when I’m looking for words of wisdom or something funny to say, I look to my kids.  Fortunately, they never run out of material.

On Christmas Eve, Chris and I had a great day with our kids.  We spent the day playing games, reading the Christmas story (focusing on the shepherds and angels this year), and praying together.  We love the stage our kids are in because they are now fully capable of playing games like UNO and Mexican Train.  They are also capable of engaging in discussion and offering their own prayers.

While we were praying, though, Cooper, only uttered “Lord, please…” then he trailed off.  He mumbled something else to let us know he was finished, then we moved on.

We’re still not quite sure what was going on with him that morning.  Maybe he was embarrassed.  Maybe he was uncomfortable.  Maybe he couldn’t communicate what was going on in his mind.  Maybe he was just being five.

But it doesn’t really matter.

Because the magnitude of those two words



Shows that he gets it.

He was showing reverence and gratitude and acknowledgment of sovereignty.

He knows who is LORD.

He knows who is able.

It’s great when simple words from a child cause us to worship.  And, maybe when we’re speechless, their words can remind us that little is needed to call out.  Sometimes, only two words.


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