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Thanks Be To God!

I tried to be good and follow the rules.  Always failing.  It would work for a while but either became unappealing or too hard.  I couldn’t understand why God wanted to keep me from fun.  Why his way was so hard.  Sin was a magnet one minute and my shame the next.  What looked like love always came back to haunt me.

My eyes were opened to the truth of sin.  It’s not just what I do but the very nature of who I am.  That’s a different story.  If it’s the very blood running through my veins, there is nothing I can do to fix my problem.  I can’t be good enough.  I can’t do enough. It’s the natural inclination of my heart — only evil, all the time.  I realized it wasn’t about following the rules in the first place.  It was about seeing my need.

God made a way for my sin to be covered – in Jesus.  He came and washed that very nature away.  It will still be partially here until his return, but it’s forgiven.  I have been made right with God, pure, by blood.  His Spirit lives in me in power.  Christ stands between God and me and tells him I am righteous, justified. Guilt, shame, sin, fear, death and despair will no longer be my master.  Christ alone.  Grace alone.

He lived a perfect life I could not live and died a death I deserved to die.

Thanks be to God!

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  1. Completely…thanks be to Him for His grace…the grace that absolutely confuses the logical minds, because it just makes no sense! But thanks be to Him for giving it nevertheless! 😀

    January 6, 2012

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