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Non-Failing Contingencies

“Mom, should we be glad that Adam and Eve sinned?

Sarah, my oldest posed this question one day in the car.

My response to her was that we should never be glad when someone sins, but I don’t believe that was her true inquiry.  We had further discussion, and I am certain she was aiming toward the gratitude we should have for God making a way for us, redemption, restoration, the forgiveness of sins.

It was no surprise to a perfect and matchless God that we would sin, and in his divine greatness and mercy, he already had in his plan a way for us to be made clean.  That, in and of itself, should provoke worship of him. How loving and gracious!  I think that had to be the awe my 10-year-old was expressing that morning.

Before they left the garden, God whispered a promise to Adam and Eve:  “It will not always be so!  I will come to rescue you!  And when I do, I’m going to do battle against the snake.  I’ll get rid of the sin and the dark and the sadness you let in here. I’m coming back for you!”

And he would.  One day, God himself would come.  Sally Lloyd-Jones The Jesus Storybook Bible

God always keeps his promises, and he did come — in Jesus.  Knowing that we would continually be unable to reach the mark, he goes before us and paves the way.  Jesus proved this to his disciples time and again.

In John 15:3, Jesus said to his disciples, “Already you are clean because of the word that I have spoken to you.”  He spoke these words knowing they would turn their backs on him when he was arrested.  He spoke these words before Peter would deny him 3 times.

In John 16:1, Jesus said to his disciples, “I have said these things to ‘keep you’ from falling away.”  He promised to “keep them” knowing they were about to fall away.

“Your commitment to Jesus doesn’t keep you abiding, his commitment to you does.”  Greg Gibson

From the Garden of Eden to Mount Sinai to the Garden of Gethsemane to the eyes that are reading these words right now, God knows we cannot keep our promises.  The keeping of God’s promises/covenants are contingent upon him, not us.  

Our God set in motion plans from eternity past.  He has proven himself faithful.

Already he has made us clean.  He is proving himself faithful.

Upon his returning, he will fulfill his promise.  He will prove himself faithful.

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