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Resting in the Middle

Clarity is setting in on the fact that life does not intend to slow down.

On Monday, many of us established together that we are overwhelmed and forgetful.

Although I have felt overwhelmed in different ways through different life-stages, I have often looked to the day I can put my feet up, read a book while looking out at the waves from my resort and rest. Then, my kids left the baby stage, and something strange started happening in my life — reality. What’s funny is that I’m not very idealistic, but I thought life would be easy when I didn’t have babies anymore. It is true that I sleep more, and my children are fairly self-sufficient, but now, they have homework and activities and relationships. Life is just a different kind of difficult.

I’ve even jumped ahead since then to times alone with my husband when our children leave home, but I’ve quickly been reminded by older-adult friends that life still comes fast and busy. Responsibility is always present even when kids go to college, get married, have kids and then our own parents will need to be cared-for.

Once again, whatever drives us to our Savior is not wasted.

But, how do we learn how to rest in the middle?

How can we find solitude in the middle of life’s overwhelming, busy day-to-day circumstances?

I try a little of everything. Sometimes I stop dead in my tracks, shed a few tears, then keep moving because I don’t have time. Others, I sit and cry for five or ten. Sometimes I read a verse or two in my Bible. At times, I sit and read for hours. Sometimes I say “yes.” Mostly, I say “no.” Sometimes I pray. Other times I listen. Sometimes I doze for a minute. But, a few times a month, I take a nap.

Ann Voskamp says, “Praying with eyes wide open is the only way to pray without ceasing.”

I have a friend who runs herself ragged, working for the lost to be saved. Whenever I question her exhaustion, she says, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

It is true. We can find ways to “rest in the middle,” but our true rest will come in eternity.

How do you find rest in the middle? Please share. We can all use a little help.





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  1. Julie #

    I have come to realize that each chapter & stage of life has its own joys and challenges. As each chapter closes I am thrilled to no longer struggle with those difficulties but I do miss the unique, precious gifts that chapter gave me. It has taken me far to long to learn, but I am learning to enjoy each chapter, the good, the bad & the ugly that it provides. In a wink it too will close and be no more. For me rest in the middle is delighting in the moment and the stage of life God provides for me now. I wished many years away & missed the delights of those times because my focus was on the hard things. Today is a new day to give thanks for His goodness, there I shall rest! I do not want to miss this moment.

    March 14, 2012
    • Such a good word, Julie. “Delighting in the moment” is a great way to rest in the middle. It’s great to hear that from someone in 3 different life stages.

      March 14, 2012
  2. Carol #

    Oh so excellent! Yes, different stages of life. My husband and I are grandparents now with 4 grandchildren living right down the road and 3 others so close nearby. Quiet time in our lives? I don’t think so, but absolutely love it, even when exhausted. My best defense for “rest in the middle” is my quiet time (I hate that term! Should be renamed “explosive time”) with the Lord early in the morning. Yes, I realize this would be considered a luxury time to moms with children at home, as is difficult to come by, but, this is where I start the morning focusing on God and let His Word touch my soul and refresh me, strengthening me for the day ahead. This is also such a great time to help me learn to remember to “take my thoughts captive” during the day, thoughts that would love to take me places I don’t need to go and refocus on the One who has the day already planned for me, no matter what I may face. I am also finding out that friends God sends your way are like “angels” sent from God to refresh me, literally giving me morsels of wisdom right when I need it. I once heard that we always have three doors to choose to go through in every situation: The Lazy Door, The Mediocre Door and the Excellent Door. I pray that I always choose the excellent door even when that lazy door looks so tempting! Thanks Suzanne!

    March 14, 2012
    • I love that one of your ways of finding rest is through others. We often see others as a burden instead of refreshment. So great! Thanks for sharing, Carol!

      March 14, 2012

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