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Big Deal or Not a Big Deal

During Lent, we have been taking a big step back from watching television as a family. We are only watching T.V. on Saturdays and Sundays during this season, with the exception of a little March Madness. Stepping back and viewing from a distance is always healthy; we have been afforded a few new insights into our family life:

We wonder how we had time for the box before, when our nights are plenty full without its empty company.

Our kids have not asked once to turn it on during the week, and they find other things to do, happily.

Chris and I are no longer complaining that we don’t have time to “catch up” with each other because we do it after the kids go to bed instead of surfing channels.

We realize we don’t really have that many shows we care about — They can be DVRed and watched in a matter of a few hours over the weekend.

Our family activities, that we used to make more time for, have increased. Last week, our nights consisted of UNO, Abby standing in the den and reading John 14 for the family after dinner and an activity called “Big Deal” “Not a Big Deal.” We have been discussing with our kids lately that we need to take some things seriously, and we need to let some things “roll off our back.”

[Shifting Gears]

Our kids come home with new stories from school every day. Everything is a big deal to them, and we certainly need to listen and be sensitive to their hearts. But, more than the day-in-day-out issues at school, we want our children to understand the seriousness of sin. At 10, 8, and 6, their sin choices are beginning to have impact on others in a way visible to them. How appropriate during this Lenten Season to point out the seriousness of Jesus having to die for the seriousness of our sin – not just our choices, but the very make-up of who we are.

So, here are the lists they made:

Not a Big Deal
Sarah’s sweater falling in water
What we eat for dinner
Cooper’s birthday getting rained out
Teacher not giving us treats when we win
What clothes I wear
Skirt flying up at school

Big Deal
For God to die for us
My teacher in the hospital
Talking back
Peeing in your pants at school
Making fun of people

[Sidenote: Parents may or may not have had to point out the big-dealness of education.]

I hope the heart of your family is welling up with anticipation as we approach Easter, focusing on the seriousness of what our sin cost Jesus and looking forward with gratitude to the forgiveness and freedom we have in him.

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