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Learning My Kiddos

In roughly 12 1/2 years of marriage, Chris and I have run across times that are “new” to us. People change. What is not characteristic of us, in marriage, is to brush off those times as unimportant, sweeping them under the rug. Marriage is hard work. We spend a lot of time learning one another. It would be irresponsible and uncaring to not give attention to our marriage, to not give attention to the changing times, doing all that we can to listen and watch.

As I’ve expressed in an earlier post, we have been in a major transition in parenting. We now have kids rather than babies. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks thinking toward summer, how I want to spend our days, what I want to put in and what I need to give up. Something major has occurred to me:  I need to learn kids. I need to learn my kids.

I just don’t “get” kids. I don’t understand what’s so funny. I don’t like lengthy, detailed stories. Answering 500 questions a day makes me nuts. I don’t understand the need to have friends around when we have already graciously provided siblings as playmates. BUT, parenting cannot be different from marriage in this regard — tough phases cannot be swept under the rug. Parenting is hard work. If I’m willing to take time to know my spouse, I must also be willing to know my kids. They need that from me, and it’s my job as their mother.

Yesterday, I was taking Cooper to school. It’s his last week, and he has loved every day. In trying to communicate his feelings about it he said, “If you could be little like I’m little, you would love my school. There is nothing unfun.” It helped put words to what I’ve been thinking. I was thinking I wish I could see through your eyes, too.

I’m not expecting anything magical to happen this summer, but I am praying God will help me to see and hear more clearly. I believe he will grant those desires. I love the time of discipline/training I have with the kids in the summer, and I look forward to a lot of that mixed with a lot of play time with their friends and our friends. I am unplugging technologically, so there will be little to no Facebook and Twitter and less blogging.

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  1. Miriam joslin #

    Enjoy every moment this summer. I’ll miss your blogs but spending time getting to know your children is so worth it. Love you all!

    May 21, 2012

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