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How is your Summer?: Reflecting

How is your summer?

We keep commenting at our house that this has been our best summer yet. We haven’t been to the beach, the mountains or the lake. We haven’t been to a concert or a movie. (Tonight will be our first movie of the summer). No one has come to visit and stay in our home this summer. (We’re frowning on you Ashley). We haven’t been to an amusement park.

We are attributing our great summer to a few major highlights: reflecting, objective and profession.

Summer is great for reflection. Try as I may, I cannot stop living life in semesters. I wonder if that will ever cease. My life is still chopped into the segments of a school year. What that means is that, when July 31 hits, (registration day) my feet will hit the ground running and will not stop until summer break next year. Christmas break doesn’t really count. So, if I want down time with my children, I have to take full advantage of summer break. I’ve had one focus for time with my kids this summer:  no pressure. And, it occurred to me several weeks ago that I can learn the most from one person on this topic:  my husband. It’s great to sit under the leadership of Chris. He is a “no pressure” leader. His expectations are fair, and he leads by example. The kids trust and respect him. They look to him for advice. As I’ve reflected back over the last school year, I am aware of the amount of pressure there is on our kids. Don’t get me wrong. Kids need responsibility. We expect them to take ownership in our home, at school, of their activities and in the Body of Christ. But, we also expect them to be kids. So, in my reflection, I’m just trying to find what all of that means. It will always be a process. For now, I’m having fun learning.

So what are we doing in our “no pressure” summer? We listen to A LOT of music, swim, sleep, exercise, eat donuts and ice cream, read and make fun book reports, play with friends, take our time driving, dance, and for Cooper, basketball, basketball, basketball.

Coming later this week: objective and profession.

How is your summer?

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  1. Miriam joslin #

    Love the pictures!!! So thankful you all are having a great summer!!!! Mama told about Abby accepting Christ as her Lord and Savior! Awesome! Give all a big hug from us! Happy 4th of July! Love you all!

    July 2, 2012
    • Thank you! I hope you guys are enjoying summer as well. More to come about Abby…

      July 2, 2012

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