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From Reflection to Objective

“His life was ordered by his objective. Everything he did and said was part of the whole pattern. It had significance because it contributed to the ultimate purpose of his life in redeeming the world for God. This was the motivating vision governing his behavior. His steps were ordered by it. Mark it well. Not for one moment did Jesus lose sight of his goal.” Dr. Robert E. Coleman

Perhaps no words have impacted my life as these this year. The reason is that they are really just the culmination of the words God has been speaking into me for many months. I feel compelled to take advantage of time. Make the most of every opportunity. Have an objective. Stay the course. Have a healthy reflection at the turn of every “semester.” So, as I reflect on the last school year, I also look to the objective of the upcoming school year.

How will our family spend our time?

What will we allow into our schedule?

What will hinder evangelism? discipleship?

I am fully aware that I will lose sight of my goal this year — many times. We should still work toward that which we’re called; What Jesus commands, he also provides the strength and ability to do.

Goals are general and non-specific. Objectives are specific, always with an action verb and measurable outcomes.

What is my objective?

Is my life ordered by my objective?

Let’s just start here…

Is my “semester” ordered by my objective?

For more from Dr. Robert E. Coleman, read The Master Plan of Evangelism.

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