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A Few Words Go A Long Way

Have you ever had to make a big decision?

Were you concerned with how that decision would be received?

Over these months as Chris and I have been toiling over our decision to homeschool, we have bounced many ideas off our friends. Still, we knew we owned the ultimate conclusion. And, while I knew many would receive the news well, I was surprised at the words I heard from so many people. Words, I think, most of us are accustomed to saying to our children but not necessarily our friends.

I’m proud of you.

These words keep ringing in my ears. And, maybe I’m hearing things (totally possible), but I hear more than just that. I hear: Move forward in confidence. You can do this. We’re behind you.

These four words have been beneficial for me because they have helped me to look around. I’m more aware of how tough parenting can be and the big and small ways my friends are making me proud in the ways they handle their children. The Dismukes come to mind, my mother-in-law who has cared for my brother-in-law day in and day out for weeks on end, the countless dads I know who take their kids for donuts for one-on-one time, my husband who will rake 45 bags of leaves and still fit in basketball with Cooper, my neighbor whose son had a tragic accident and will forever be in her care, and the many friends who serve their children daily by making meals, making beds or teaching scripture.

In and of ourselves, none of this is possible. We do what needs to be done for our children through the strength of the Lord.

Encourage means “to instill courage.” Let your friends know when they make you proud. A few words go a long way.

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