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Our First Day

Abby and I have just completed our first full day of home school. It has been a delight, and yet I wonder how either of us will survive such intense, concentrated education. I don’t expect every day to be a delight, and I won’t even be surprised if she looks across the table with disgust when I hold up the first flash card tomorrow. Who knows? I may beat her to it. She learned the look from me after all.


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  1. Freda Sullivan #

    Oh dear! Do I also see Mimi in that look…?! 🙂

    January 3, 2013
  2. Miriam Joslin #

    Haha! So glad things went well for both of you! Oh yes, you will see that look especially when she gets to be a teenager:). Love you two!

    January 3, 2013
    • Thank you! Have I not told you I’ve decided not to have teenagers?

      January 3, 2013
  3. Poke N Grits #

    LOL! I am pretty sure I got that look alot today! Enjoyed this post! Cherie’

    January 3, 2013

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