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The Gift of Heart-Shaped Biscuits

I’m sitting in my chair thinking back over the week. It didn’t start so great, but it’s Wednesday afternoon, and the gifts in my life have increased beyond number already. As I’m thinking about the gift of children, I hear Celie, Abby’s friend, playing in the back of the house say, “Time is precious.” It melted right into my thoughts. Time is precious. It’s grace given to us by God, and when we have it with our children, our entitlement should never rise above it. But, that’s what happened to me so many times early in the week. My entitlement swelled bigger than my gratitude; I was under the impression I should be getting more.

Christ paid the ultimate price – his life – and did not utter a word. He came to serve and was never entitled in his serving. These are the truths I have to lean into when my deserving-mentality rises up. And, in this reminder, I am better able to see that my children are a gift. Teaching Abby is a gift. And lots of other unexpected gifts have been granted this week…

  • Going to get the mail and running into Ashley, when I needed adult conversation
  • Abby learning to make biscuits on her own
  • Sarah soaking in numerous conversations about faith and how it applies to her life
  • Fitting in exercise while I listen to my favorite music because Abby had a playdate
  • 30 minutes of really good coffee with my friend Kelly
  • A table of young adult girls discussing creative ways of sharing the Gospel

Entitlement easily blinds us from seeing that we are surrounded by little gifts that really aren’t little at all. We forget that time is precious, fleeting, valuable. Knowing that Christ humbled himself and suffered, so that we can enjoy all good things he has to offer, opens our eyes to the truth that he is deserving. He is worthy of more becomes our focus, and our entitlement shifts to praise and gratitude.

Have you struggled this week with entitlement?

Can you shift your thoughts to praise and gratitude?



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  1. Miriam joslin #

    Love the heart-shaped biscuit! Thank you for these words of wisdom. Yes, I’ve struggled with entitlement this week. We’ve been remodeling our kitchen since November and its beginning to get old. But what a blessing to be able to take away the 90’s hunter green countertops and the ivy vine wallpaper.
    Our pastor spoke on this very subject of entitlement a few weeks ago. He said, “Many parents say they don’t want their children to have it as hard as they did, so the parents do way too much for their children. Because of this, we have raised children that feel a sense of entitlement from family and society. They believe they deserve everything they can get.” I believe we all forget about God’s magnificent grace. If not for Jesus we would not be or have anything that really matters.
    Continue to teach and reach for God’s word as you lead my precious nieces and nephew! Love you!

    January 31, 2013
    • Thanks for your words. Very true and helpful! It will be so nice to have a new kitchen – thanks for sharing the struggle. Share pictures when it’s completed!

      February 2, 2013
  2. karen #

    Life is a vapor. They will all be grown and gone tomorrow. I only wish I had the wisdom you have when I was your age (yesterday). You truly enjoy your children and they are enjoying you and Chris. To God be the glory

    February 1, 2013
    • I am trying to remember that they will be gone quickly. The good thing is that in the middle of chaos, they seem to be perfectly happy and having fun.

      February 2, 2013
  3. Definitely struggled with this this week….thanks for the perspective!

    February 2, 2013
    • Thanks, Becky. Praying for you. I think I saw you’re almost finished with school?

      February 2, 2013

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