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Staying Put in Tough Times

Don’t doubt that in the midst of a tough time, you may be standing in the middle of God’s will.

Many times we question and want to run because times aren’t as easy as they should be. Our expectations for life far outweigh reality. What the world says is good is not God’s good. So, we’re caught in a whirlwind of how to get out of a situation as quickly as possible because it’s just too painful.

This morning, I was standing on the corner watching my youngest ride his bike to school. I stand at a distance as he crosses two streets, and fortunately, am able to watch his head move along the brick wall of the school, knowing he has safely arrived. I’ve dropped every obligation I had at the elementary school for the last six years as my oldest went through, and I’ve barely stepped foot in her middle school. I have dropped and am dropping other activities as well – some obligations, some ministry opportunities, some time with friends.

And, it’s painful.

There are days that I have grief over these losses.

I’m not saying this for sympathy or to complain.

What I’m saying is that in the midst of this discomfort, there is no doubt in my mind that I am following God’s will – in homeschooling. I’m not pretending to know any steps from here. I just know this is right for now.

Homeschooling has changed my life. It’s been a big adjustment – bigger than I would have expected. But, I am not sorry. I fully believe God has brought us here. He will accomplish his work through us, and He intends for us to succeed. And, while some of the sorrow remains, it is falling away. I am seeing God’s purpose more clearly.

May God show Himself to you today as you seek Him through pain.

May He give you a glimpse of His purpose and will.

For he satisfies the longing soul,
    and the hungry soul he fills with good things. Psalm 107:9

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