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Dive Headlong

Who do you admire?

Is there a christian whose depth you’re drawn to?

I’ve noticed the people I’m most drawn to have experienced great brokenness and sorrow, whether through tragedy or failure or shame — and rising through vulnerability and coming clean, — not unscathed, but wounded and scarred and covered in ashes.

Many are dipping their toe into the pool of christianity.  Sometimes the test is moving from being a person who wants to benefit from Jesus to one who wants Jesus himself.  A fellow blogger, Justin Davis, recently asked, If God never gave me anything else, would He be enough?  You can read his post here.  He offers a practical approach to checking our motives with the God of grace.

How do these two things tie together?  People who we admire and those who want Jesus himself?  Those who have been in the darkest of times know something others have not experienced — that when hurt is beyond physical pain and loss is beyond material and dark is beyond a shade and shame is beyond utterances and failure is beyond rising — HE HIMSELF IS ENOUGH! They never get over the meeting they had with Him in that hour.  They never forget His presence there.  That’s why we’re drawn to them.  It’s not them.  It’s the glow of Him.

And, the scathed, wounded, scarred ones covered in ashes?  That’s not the end.  They endure.  Robed in his righteousness.  Not because they dip a toe.  Not because they only want to benefit from His gifts.  But because they dive headlong into Him, willing to take whatever He gives because they believe He Himself is enough.