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My Cousin, James

James passed away, Sunday, January 29th.  Here is his obituary.  Thank you for your continued prayers for our family.


Totally awesome how God is using James to share the testimony of Jesus. Today our pastor shared about his courage and faith. Basically, the way James sees this situation is a win-win – either he gets to stay with his family or he gets to go home to be with Jesus. This life is too short. Do you have Jesus? It’s the most important decision of your life and will determine your future eternity. Don’t miss out on the greatest gift of love… and oh how great is His love for you. In Love, Heather

Please continue to pray for James and his family.  He is being treated for a brain tumor, and currently there are no changes.  His parents and Heather’s parents are there in Spokane helping their days runs as smoothly as possible.  Please pray for endurance and grace for all of them.

On Monday, October 17, the doctors confirmed that my cousin, James, has a brain tumor.  Please pray for my family, especially James and his wife and kids during this trial.  Their faith is strong, and for that, we are grateful.  I will post updates as they are given.

Eleven years ago, my Aunt Anita and Uncle James (James’ parents) lost their other son, Brandon.  James is their only living child.

This is Heather’s latest update:

We learned yesterday that James has glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain tumor. You can’t surgically remove it bc/ it is intertwined with brain cells, so you treat it with radiation and chemotherapy. It then grows back. When James heard the news, he said, “God is in control.” He then prayed a beautiful prayer with the doc, James, and me. We then received hugs from the receptionist – James prayed for her and her son Richard. James is using every opportunity to witness about our awesome Savior Jesus Christ. “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Gen. 50:20

This is my cousin James with his wife Heather and his kids, Lizzy and Jake.