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What We’re Taking In

I love summer!

I love for my kids to be out of school. A slower schedule, sleeping in and choosing what we “take in” recharges life. Sometimes, the things of this world consume us, and we consume right back. Summer seems to be a good time to unplug, retreat, reflect and consume extra time with God…

Probably the most meaningful activity we’ve done together is reading. I know, sounds boring. Sarah, who turned 12 this summer, will make it sound a little better to you:

During the summer, my family and I have read “One Great Purpose.” The book is about a missionary named Jim Elliot and his four friends, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming and Roger Youderian. Together, they carried out a mission that no one had ever accomplished before. Teaching the Auka Indians about Jesus. They raised their families in Ecuador. Their goal was to share God’s Word with wild indians who speared every foreigner in their path. When the men felt like they had shown the Aukas that they were their friends, the Aukas turned on them and killed them. From this story, the most remarkable part to me was that the five men had guns with them but they refused to fire them because they didn’t want them to die without knowing God. Jim Elliot said, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” It means we cannot keep our lives, but we gain Jesus within us. The great thing is that their families didn’t just pack up their things and leave when their husbands died. They lived with the people who killed them and changed their lives forever. They taught a whole tribe that killing is not right but that Jesus is the only way to live eternally in heaven. After teaching them that, they said there were more grandfathers than there had ever been in that tribe. The man who killed Nate Saint became like a grandfather to Nate Saint’s grandchildren. The thing is, don’t let a bump in the road hold you back from something God is telling you to do.

Y’all this is the first time I’ve read what she wrote. I think I need to run to my bedroom and cry for a while. May these children never lose sight of what God had impressed on their malleable hearts this summer, and may I.


What I Learned At Camp

Sarah (10) went to camp last week for the first time.  She wanted to blog about her experience.

While I was at camp for a week, I learned about these things……..

1. I learned that God has a calling for you. Witch means that god has something that’s just for you that you need to do.

2. I learned about Paul and how he went through some rough times.

3. I learned about how God is with you even in rough times like Paul was. God was with him.

4. I learned that girls are crazy. I’m pretty sure all the girls stayed up till 12:00 every night. And I know that they were doing silly things.

5. I learned that I shouldn’t tell everyone that it’s my birthday because when I told 1 of my friends they told one of the counselors that it was my b-day and so she stood up on a chair in the lunch room and everybody to sing happy birthday to me. It was really embarrassing.

6. And last but not least while I was listening to the pastor talk about missionaries and so I decided that it would be cool to be one so I talked to a counselor about it and I told her that I wanted to be a missionary because people at my church go to different countries to tell people about Jesus. Because if I tell one person they might tell other people and they might tell other people and then other people come to know more about him.


One time my friend Malena came over to spend the night. Before we went to sleep we decided to pray. In our prayer, we included not having to go to school the next day because it was a school night and it was snowing. When we were done praying, my dad walked in the room and told us that the school called and said that we were out of school. We started cheering and screaming! My friend and I were surprised that he answered our prayers that quickly.

Weeks later my great-grandmother was in the hospital. She was having heart failure. I prayed every night that she would be better soon. God answered my prayers, but I wasn’t happy with his answer because I felt that he was telling me to wait. I thought it took too long.

Also I was having bad dreams every night for a long time. I prayed to God every night that he would keep me from having the bad dreams. Even though I was praying, I was still having bad dreams. My mom was telling me that God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way that we want him to. I was confused that he wasn’t keeping me from having them. This year I actually am having less bad dreams than last year so I feel that this time God is answering with yes. At church we were learning that God doesn’t always answer our prayers the way that we want him to. He can answer in yes, no or maybe.

My mom taught me what God wants for us is best. He loves us and cares about what we want, but what we want isn’t always the best. That is what I learned about prayer.

This is a picture from one of our snow days.

This is a picture of Malena and me. We are holding our American girl dolls.  Malena is a kind and encouraging friend who helps me through hard times.

Isaiah 41:10

My favorite verse is …….

               Do not fear for I am with you
               do not be dismayed for I am your
               God I will strengthen you I will 
               help you and I will uphold you
               with my righteous right hand.
                    Isaiah 41:10

I like it because it is telling me not to fear because he is good.
It also says he will help us and he does.I also like it because at night 
when I am scared he helps me through the night. I say this verse 
when I am scared and then I pray. One time at VBS [vacation bible 
school] we were talking, and someone said that they liked the verse 
too, and so I thought it it was cool that they used my favorite verse
the same way I do.I really hope that I will always remember that. Since
then I have been thinking. I think that more people should find their 
favorite verse and put it to good use. 

By Sarah