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The Heart According to Cooper Acuff

Cooper (5) wanted to guest post on the blog this evening. He brought pen and paper to me and asked me to take notes, for he had something to say. He had it read aloud then immediately wanted it transferred here — a man after my own heart.

Here is the “heart” gospel according to Cooper:

Your heart is as big as your fist, and if you don’t have your heart, and if it doesn’t beat, and if you don’t have your muscles, you won’t be able to eat, talk, move or anything. The babies heart pumps faster than the kids’ or the mom’s or the dad’s. Your heart pumps blood in your body. When it closes, that means it’s coming out, and when it opens, that means it’s coming in.

Jesus gave you all the stuff in your body. And it’s like God made us out of dirt, and it’s like he is giving us everything in our body that we need. He loves us so much that he makes our hearts work, and he makes our hearts love.

May God be glorified by this little servant’s heart!


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  1. this is truely a little man after God’s own heart. He is already so sensitive to the Holy Spirit Iit makes me as an adult, ashamed) I love you Cooper, and I love your heart. Mimi

    February 6, 2012
    • He’s pretty fascinating. It’s fun to watch how much he loves to learn.

      February 6, 2012

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